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Woman seriously injured after falling from apartment’s 5th floor

A woman in Nairobi has been admitted in hospital with serious injuries after she fell from the fifth floor of an apartment on Ndemi Road in Kilimani, while cleaning the windowpanes. The 36-year-old woman are reported to have been admitted in hospital in a severe condition.

In Kayole, the a decomposing body of a woman who had been missing for a week was found in her house where she lived alone. Police said they were called by neighbours who informed them about the body of the woman aged about 40 and identified as Mama Zawadi. According to the police, efforts are being made to locate her family.

Still in Kayole, police are investigating the death of a 42-year-old woman whose body was found in her bed by her husband who was sleeping next to her. According to the man, the couple had supper on Monday and went to bed but on Tuesday morning the wife was unresponsive when he tried to waking her up.

In another incident, police are looking for a man who allegedly stabbed and killed his girlfriend in a domestic brawl in Mihango, Kayole estate. The woman’s body was found in the house minutes after the assailant fled the scene. Witnesses told police the assailant threatened to harm or kill those who tried to rescue the deceased woman before he escaped.

Police in Nairobi are also investigating an incident in which the body of a man was found by the roadside in Tassia estate. The police suspect the man may have been killed elsewhere and his body dumped at the scene.

Meanwhile, police are looking for a man who stabbed and killed a 35-year-old woman in Pangani estate. Florence Mwinzi, roadside food vender was on duty Tuesday evening when two men approached her and stabbed her in the chest before escaping on foot. As they fled, the assailants dropped the murder weapon, which was later recovered by the police. Police are yet to establish the motive of the attack.