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Woman shows how Africans can settle huge Chinese debt – VIDEO

A video of a well-endowed African woman gyrating for Chinese man has gone viral in Kenya.

Kenyans are excited that the woman may have finally stumbled on how African countries can beat the Chinese debt trap diplomacy.

The video starts with the Chinese man trying to impress the woman with his dance moves. But when she finally takes to the floor, the man is left in shock.

The woman offers him some crazy bend over moves as the crowd cheers them on.

The video has been shared widely on social media.

Kenyans have urge their women to confuse Chinese men in similar fashion with their prowess so that the country can evade repaying loans.

Sheila Njoki commented; “Haaaha with this rate all debts will be negative…hata 8% itageuke -8%.”

Mike Xtian added; “Three quarter has already been paid, no wonder we were never been involved when borrowing. The debt is being paid via derrière ? ???.”

Jeremy Omwenga added; “Hii tushalipia nusu na hii story…Apewe form assign.”

Henry Misiko wrote; “Haha hiyo wasau,those are rare privileges we are giving them just to coerce them wawachene na sisi.”

Obogo Obogo stated; “We are slowly but surely getting out of the debt crisis?.”