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Woman slashes husband’s mistress after busting them in bed

A woman is nursing injuries after she was slashed by the wife of a man she was having an affair with in Makutano area, Meru county.

The man’s wife took a boda boda from Githongo area to the love nest where she found her husband naked in bed with his mistress on Tuesday evening. She arrived carrying a machete.

She had been tipped-off on her husband’s whereabouts by someone who saw him near Meru Teachers Training College. The man is an employee of a local bread distributor.

The woman slashed the 20 year-old mistress on the shoulder and left an arm dangling. She then kicked the young girl from the house while naked.

The woman then took off with the mistress’ clothes and phone, saying she would use them as exhibit.

She claimed her husband had abandoned her for long.


Mr Stephen Kimathi, a lorry driver who rescued the mistress, narrated how he stopped the wife from further pursuing her rival.

“I found the woman (mistress) naked, bleeding profusely and was hiding as the rival pursued her. The woman looks around 20 years, she is very young,” he recounted.

Residents, most of them boda boda riders, thronged the area and for about 30 minutes prevented the bleeding mistress from accessing help as they taunted her.

Ms Mercy Julius said the mistress appeared to be a college student who does not know the area well and was stranded. She was rescued by an ambulance that was coming from Maua town and rushed to hospital.

“She didn’t commit any wrong since she didn’t know that the man was married. The woman should have dealt with her husband since he is the one who invited her claiming that he was not married. This is a prostitution zone and such chaos occur often,” said Mercy.