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Woman sparks speculation about being the late Kelvin Kiptum’s mistress

By Winnie Mabel February 15th, 2024 2 min read

A Kenyan woman on TikTok by the names Jeylaa Jeylaa has sparked speculation that she was the mistress to the late World Marathon record breaker Kelvin Kiptum.

In posts she shared on the social media platform, she published a photo of the late Kiptum holding her in an embrace as they took a photo. She captioned the photo saying, “One day we will meet,” and littered it with crying and heart break emojis.

In the photos, Kelvin looked at her affectionately as he smiled.

In another post, she recorded herself walking into a room- presumably a dining room- where she sat a table and laid out gifts in a red bag- presumably for Valentine’s Day- which she claimed to have received from the deceased.

“I wish ningejua ilikuwa gift ya kunaiambia (I knew these were gifts to tell me goodbye) bye. Rest in peace Kevo,”

She then proceeded to remove the gifts from the red gift bag, revealing a small white teddy bear, a piece of jewelry, a gold-plaited watch, and an envelope with a bundle of cash in it.

On the envelope, there was a message written on it to the effect that the recipient was a “lovely, second wife”, that the sender loved the recipient and told her to open the envelope with joy.

In the same video, she wept as a Catholic song played as the soundtrack about how a person did not know how they would fare in life without the grace and comfort of God, and how they cannot proceed without Him.

Her two posts have since gone viral and sparked speculation over whether she was actually the late Kiptum’s mistress or was just seeking fame via clout chasing. Many criticized her, telling her she should have kept quiet and let the deceased’s good reputation rest with him unlike what she was doing.

In the same posts, she also turned off the comment section.

Nairobi News, in a quest to seek clarification from her, sent her a message on this alleged relationship with the deceased. Our messages were not able to go through as she has set up her direct messages on TikTok- the app where she originally broke the news- to only communicate with people she is friends with on the app.

In a series of responses to critics on Facebook, she claimed her critics did not know where she and Kiptum came from considering he spent most of his time with her. She also claimed Kelvin often asked her to post him on her socials but she often refused.

She also revealed that Kelvin knew she had his wife’s number, and his wife had her number as well.

“Yes, I know Kiptum had a wife before we started loving each other. He told me everything in 2019. I have his wife’s number too. Sometimes Kiptum used to ask me to surprise her with credit,” claimed Jeylaa.

The late Kelvin Kiptum left behind a wife, Asenath Cheruto, and two children. She hailed him as a caring man who deeply loved his family.

The late Kiptum died in a self-involved car accident alongside his Rwandan coach. A female passenger survived the same tragic accident.

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