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Woman speaks after viral Valentine’s Day photo costs her relationship

By Grace Kerongo February 15th, 2023 2 min read

A South African woman named Sinazo Bambeni has gained attention online after a photo of her and a man other than her boyfriend was posted on social media.

Bambeni had taken a solo Valentine’s Day vacation in a hotel in East London, South Africa, but didn’t realize that the man’s leg was visible in the mirror selfie she posted on Facebook.

When her boyfriend in Cape Town saw the picture, he ended their relationship.

Bambeni later took to Facebook to blame social media users for making her lose her man and expressed her frustration with the situation.

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In response to the attention she’s received, Bambeni wrote on her page that she has been getting followers from all over the world and has even received a call from her pastor.

She wrote, “How to untrend? I’m getting followers all over the world , nditshincekile ayipheli into kuni nani ba bhem? I also received a call from my pastor for this, Yherre I was hacked guys. Yhoo.”

She narrated how that trending photo has wreaked havoc on her life.

“Whenever other tribes are coming for me, they say vele she is a Xhosa. Now they are coming for East London people kodwa I’m not even from here.

“This is also a sad day for me because now my boyfriend in Cape Town is fighting with me about that trending picture and it’s just a pity i can’t apologize to him publicly he has blocked me.”

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She continued, “Social Media is meant to be used for fun and building each other not to break other people’s relationships.”

Accepting her fate and how viral she has gone she added, “I would like to welcome all my new followers on this page. In this home, we respect each other’s religious beliefs to maintain harmony.
No homophobes, Xenophobic, or any prejudicial remarks against any group of people.”

Bambeni also took the opportunity to promote her business, which includes selling Pink Worra, a product that helps to open unlocked blessings, and soap for luck.

She added, “In whatever you do, do not forget that friends and close people are those who will dig a grave for you. I don’t know how many times I watched that trending ka AKA video. I hope and pray so hard that God can remove me from those who are wicked…Imagine you are planning your life and some people are plotting your demise.”

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