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Woman stabbed by fellow commuter in matatu

A woman is fighting for her life after she was stabbed four times on the chest by a stranger seated next to her in a matatu.

Pauline Mburu, 29-years, had just left her place of work in Dandora Phase One on Friday 9th May at around 5pm when she boarded a matatu that was headed towards Kariobangi South.

“I went to the front seat at the driver’s cabin where the man seated by the window ushered me to seat between him and the driver,” says Pauline.

When they reached the Kariobangi roundabout, Pauline removed her phone from her bag and made two phone calls. The first phone call was to a friend and the second phone call was to her husband Simon Muraya.

“As I was talking to my husband, the man seated next to me told me ‘Put that phone away!” I ignored him and continued talking to my husband. A few seconds later, he drew a knife out of nowhere and stabbed me,” says Pauline.

The scuffle caused the driver to stop the matatu and the perpetrator hastily alighted the matatu with Pauline’s handbag.

“He run off and people chased after him to get my bag. That is when I screamed that I have been stabbed since people thought he had only stolen my purse,” says Pauline.

Pauline’s husband Mr. Simon Muraya says he was just about to leave work when his wife called him to know where he was.

“I told her that I was closing the office and just about to leave the office when I heard a sharp scream. I thought it was somebody else near her until her recognized her voice and when she was screaming ‘This man has stabbed me!”  and her phone went off almost immediately,” says  Muraya.

“I was very scared. I was shocked. I called her phone again but nobody was answering. I knew my wife was in danger but I did not know where she was,” he continues.

By then, Pauline was bleeding profusely and could barely talk on.