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Jilted woman storms church to stop her estranged husband’s wedding – VIDEO

Drama unfolded at Kanyama PCEA in Mathira Constituency after a woman stormed the church in a bid to stop a wedding ceremony.

The woman, who is a mother of two, claimed she is the wife of the groom although they separated last year.

The mid-morning spectacle attracted villagers and worshippers who demanded entry into the church compound whose gate had been locked.

Lydia Mugure turned up at the church with one of her children and claimed that the groom, George Kiragu, had been her husband of 10 years up until December last year when he allegedly deserted her and her two children.


The gate of the PCEA Kanyama church however remained locked and Mugure and her sympathizers were kept out.

“We had a domestic squabble in December and he left our home with all electronic equipment. I later learnt that he had moved in with another woman whom he was planning to wed. I asked him about our children but he disowned them saying he would sire other children with his newfound lover,” the woman recounted.

Her relatives and some of the Church members, who were locked out, stoned the newlyweds as they exited the church after the ceremony.

Curiously, the gates of the church were maned by armed police officers who roughed up and threw out the aggrieved woman.