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Woman unleashes wrath at clinic over admission row – VIDEO

A Kisumu woman over the weekend turned a hospital’s reception area into a war zone after her son was denied admission at the facility.

Pamela Akinyi, a teacher whose four year-old son was scheduled for surgery, ran amok being denied admission at Bliss Medical Clinic.

The hospital is among the service providers listed under the health insurance scheme for teachers.

The distraught woman broke plastic chairs and other furniture at the clinic after a doctor at the hospital ordered security guards to throw her out during the 8:30pm incident.


“He called the security and told them, tupa huyu mama nje. Then I said kwa nini mnanitupa nje? where do you want me to go with children at this time of the night? Meanwhile he has not even given me the referral. At least if I had it that would be something else.

“So I said, where am I going at this time of the night with children surely? So the security men started pushing me up and down and I had to defend myself,” said the mother.

The teacher works at Nyagwethe Mixed Secondary School in Gwasi, Homabay County,  which is more than 150 kilometers from Kisumu town.

When NTV sought a response from Bliss Medical Centre, the communication officer James Kinyua said investigations on the incident are ongoing and he is waiting for answers from those involved.