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Woman who buried baby dolls didn’t give birth to twins, medics

A woman who puzzled her family and neighbors after burying two baby dolls in Kamsama village in Suba North did not give birth as she alleged, a medical examination has revealed.

Medics examined Ms Beryl Akinyi on Thursday and ruled that she had not given birth recently.

Beryly and her husband Benson Onyango had informed relatives that their twins died soon after delivery at Kenyatta National Hospital.

Locals became suspicious after the couple hurriedly buried their alleged newborn twins on Tuesday evening without involving their relatives or friends.

The residents dug out the fresh graves on Wednesday only to discover dolls in the coffins.


Homa Bay County Police Commander Esther Seroney told journalists on Friday that the couple will be detained as more investigations are carried out.

Ms Akinyi was excited that the test would reveal the truth about her pregnancy. However, things turned the opposite of what she expected.

According to Mr Akinyi’s brother in-law Mr Wycliffe Ogembo, the woman left home two weeks ago for delivery at Homa Bay County Referral Hospital in Homa Bay Town and said she was expecting twins.

Ms Akinyi’s is said to have developed difficulties during child birth forcing her to go to Aga Khan Hospital in Kisumu for specialized care.

At Aga Khan, she claims to have been referred to Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi.

“Caesarean section is done at Homa Bay County Referral Hospital when childbirth becomes complicated. We were also surprised of the short time she was referred to Aga Khan and Kenyatta hospital. Everything happened within a span of less that one hour,” Mr Ogembo claimed.

The family believed Ms Akinyi’s delivery was smooth until she informed them on Monday that the ‘newly born’ twins had died.


Her husband ,who is a carpenter, made two coffins on Tuesday morning and took them to Kabunde Airstrip, about 25 Km from Mbita town where he lives. He received his wife who landed from Nairobi with the “bodies” of the twins who died.

When the wife arrived, they placed the “bodies” in the coffins and took them home in a hired vehicle.

On arrival home, the couple decided to bury the “bodies” without wasting time.

This is contrary to the local culture which requires that burial arrangements are made by the extended family or a clan that is bereaved. Nobody in the family viewed the bodies except the couple and two guests in the controversial burial.

Family members who returned home a few hours later complained of being kept in the dark over the burial. They decided to exhume the “bodies’.

They opened the coffins and found toys instead of babies.