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Woman who killed husband released after completing one-day sentence

By Amina Wako March 15th, 2021 2 min read

A woman recently jailed for one day for killing her husband has thanked ‘God’ for the judgment.

Truphena Ndonga Aswani says it is a miracle that she managed to get the sentence.

The High Court in Siaya sentenced her to one day in jail on March 9, after she confessed to killing her husband. She was released the next day.

“I don’t know what to say. God has literally walked me out of a lion’s jaws.” said Aswani.

The 49-year-old woman who is currently at her step-brother’s home in Kakamega said she expected the maximum penalty of life imprisonment for manslaughter.

She explained to local media when news of her killing her husband on December 15 broke, her close friends and family walked out on her.

She also added that despite her pastor being persistent in teaching her about forgiveness, it reached a point when he stopped picking her calls.

“A handful of relatives picked my calls. One was categorical that I should never set foot in her home. Some called to find out why it was taking so long for me to be imprisoned, while others threatened me,” Aswani narrated.

She knew she would never be free again.

She has however remained coy of discussing the details that led to her husband’s death.

“I knew I didn’t belong to this world, that I would soon be met with prison bedbugs. That the court would sentence me to life, until Justice Roselyne Aburili’s judgment happened,” she added.

Aswani now wants to reunite with her two children who were under her sister’s care in Siaya.

“I want to return to Siaya to be with the two but it looks like this will never be possible. All I need is a piece of land to start a small business outside Siaya.”