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Woman who stripped naked at lover’s airport office charged in court

A woman who allegedly stormed and stripped naked inside her lover’s office at Wilson Airport in Nairobi was arraigned in court on Monday.

Dorcus Nduku was charged with invading the Kenya Aeronautical College at Wilson Airport on July 3 and causing disturbance in a manner likely to breach peace.

According to court documents, the accused is said to have forcibly tried to enter the institution to check on her lover.

The court documents further state that when police and security officers were called to get her out of the property, Ms Nduku started screaming as she stripped naked only remaining in her underwear.


Kibera Senior Principal Magistrate Derrick Kuto released the accused on Sh20,000 bond or Sh5,000 bail with a surety of a similar amount and a credible contact person.

The case will be mentioned on August 21 and heard on October 29.