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Woman whose hands were chopped off set to get a new pair in South Korea

The woman whose husband is charged with chopping off her hands will fly out to South Korea on Monday evening to be fitted with prosthetics.

Ms Jackline Mwende will go abroad because the prosthetics needed are not available locally.

Her doctor Mr Michael Maru from PCEA Kikuyu hospital said they had already cleaned her stump and prepared her in readiness to be fitted with the electric limbs.

“I want to clarify that it will not be a surgery but rather an operation to fit the limbs on her,” Dr Maru told a press briefing on Monday.

He said Ms Mwende is expected to regain 80 per cent of the use of her hands once fitted with the limbs.

Her new prosthetics are expected coordinate with her upper hand muscles to enable her feed herself, carry some objects, turn on electric switches and perform other light chores.

The limbs are designed to mimic the human anatomy as they rely on naturally generated muscle energy for movement.

Ms Mwende’s hospital and prosthetics bills will be paid by LG Electronics, a South Korean company.