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Shock as Muthaiga woman seeks younger lover for her husband

A 40-year-old woman in Nairobi has shocked netizens by placing an online announcement inviting applications from younger women who would wish to enter a mistress arrangement with her 43-year-old husband.

The woman, who has been married for 15 years, says she has a condition that has made her lose her sex drive. And because no medication seems to work, she has offered to look for a woman who can cater for her husband’s bodily needs for a few years.

The couple is blessed with three children. There are conditions, though. The younger woman will not be expected to bear a child with the man. She will, however, have her rent and college fees catered for.

“I will personally rent a house for her and she will be well taken care of with a monthly budget of her choice,” the woman stated in a January 22 post on the Kenyan sub-domain of Craigslist, a popular listing site.

“For more, reply with your number and a photo of you. I tend to be choosy as the woman of the house. Have no fear. I am the one doing this. For the love of my husband,” she added.

Nairobi News requested to interview her and she accepted on condition that we do not reveal her identity. We could, however, not ascertain the authenticity of the appeal.


The woman said they live in Muthaiga estate and that 15 years after they wedded in church, she feels that it is time she sacrificed to make her husband happy. She described her husband as “the best thing that has ever happened to me, on earth and in heaven”.

“I know I have been failing him bedroom-wise so terribly but after 15 years of marriage he has never done anything for himself. He is a selfless man, very honest and caring. He would rather go hungry than see us (our three kids and I) lack anything” said the businesswoman.

“So, when he told me, albeit innocently, that his sexual appetite had spiked a little and I was not giving him the full satisfaction, even after trying my best, I talked him into allowing me find a younger girl for him. He refused it for almost seven months till last month when he agreed to it, on condition that I would be the one to find the girl, rent her a house and take care of her needs like school fees,” she added.

That is why she made the announcement on the listing site and as of Thursday evening, she had received 20 applications. But none had tickled her fancy yet.

When asked why none of the applicants had made the cut, part of her response was: “My husband loves big, curvy women.”


“He is a gym fanatic too. Fifteen years down the line and he still has abs, and a bouncer physique, unlike most men of his age with pot bellies,” she added.

If she finds a suitable applicant, she said, she would like the “mistress” arrangement to be discreet, only known to herself, the younger woman and her husband.

“No children, no being my co-wife. Just mutually beneficial kind of thing… Everything my hubby says is law, that’s the first rule. All other rules will be laid down for her when we meet,” she said.

Asked how long she would like to have the arrangement to last, she quipped: “Maybe until the girl finishes university and gets a job.”

However, the site where she made the posting is known to be used by contraband sellers, rapists, con artists and all manner of wayward people to pursue their ends.

In one instance, a killer in the United States placed a false job advertisement on Craigslist through which he managed to kidnap and kill at least three men. He was sentenced to death by an Ohio judge in April 2013.