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Woman’s marriage proposal goes terribly wrong – VIDEO

By NAIRA HABIB January 16th, 2018 2 min read

A video showing a woman being handed the ultimate public embarrassment after her fiancé declined her marriage proposal has gone viral on social media.

The video begins by showing the woman in a black dress seemingly asking people who are going about their business in what appears to be a shopping mall whether they have seen her fiancé.

A few seconds later the fiancé makes his appearance coming down from an escalator and the lady immediately drops on one knee with a ring box on her hand.

The man, clad in black jeans and t-shirt, is clearly shocked by the unfolding drama. Another man in the company of the woman’s boyfriend immediately takes off.

Even with cheers from the onlookers the man is not convinced and begs the lady to stand up. He then lifts up the lady, hugs her, politely declines her proposal and walks away.

The rejection sends the woman into hysterical sobbing and screaming.

The video divided the opinions of netizens, although most users bashed the man for humiliating the lady.

“The guy would have turn it around na, by collecting the ring and propose to the gal,” said Abamba Rechael.

“The guy is heartless,” wrote Abamba Rechael.

“Where is that rude boy??? Make I tear am slap wey go change him destiny. For the cries of the girl alone it enough for consideration. But the part I don’t like is all these public proposals. You don’t even know if you are truely the one occupying the number one spot,” commented Slimseyi Wyse.

“Sincerely, that lady didn’t deserve such public embarrassment from this young man. That’s not how to treat a lady that loves you wholeheartedly. Why not handle this issue in a more mature manner rather than walking away and leaving the lady in a suicidal state. I really felt for her so deeply” wrote Tietie Aghogho.

“I don’t think it was a proposal. Looks more like a plea for forgiveness from a man who has decided it’s over between them,” said Emeke Ikiseh.

“Thing went wrong because the lady went down with one knee. But the guy no try oooooooo. Someone contact me with the lady I have a guy for her,” wrote Jeffrey Idudhe.

“Some ladies don’t even think b4 acting… How will you just go n propose without proper consultation… .. … Smh.. D guy that has not even though of settling down,” said Vicki Osas.

“The concept of public proposal is nonsense. I know it will die out because of issues like this. And the man was not man enough. He could have saved her from embarrassment from the moment he saw her kneel, even if he wouldn’t marry her,” wrote Akpobọmẹ Chas Sẹbe Diffrẹ-Odiete.