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Woman’s strangled body found stashed in a sack in Embakasi

The body of an unidentified woman was on November 22, 2023, found dumped in a sack next to a kiosk in Embakasi area, Nairobi.

Police officers attached to Kware Police Station made the discovery after residents of the area informed them about the suspicious-looking sack.

“It was reported by 2 National Police Service (NPS) officers who were on day patrol duties in the Stage Mpya areas within Kware that they were informed by members of the public that a sack suspected to contain a human body had been dumped along the makeshift structures,” a police report documenting the incident read in part.

Police said that the woman seemed to have been murdered elsewhere and the body was dumped at the scene.

The victim, police say, appeared to have been strangled to death.

“The body had strangulation marks on the neck and blood stains on the nose and ears and also signs of incontinence were noted,” added the report.

Her mouth was stuffed with a piece of clothing while her limbs were tied with another cloth.

Her eyes too had been covered with a piece of clothing at the time the body was discovered, police said.

Police also said they noticed signs of incontinence on her indicating she died violently as there were bloodstains on the nose and ears.

The woman’s body has since been moved to City Mortuary pending identification and post-mortem.

In May, police launched investigations after the discovery of a woman’s body that was stuffed in a sack in Nairobi River.

A man who was collecting plastic bottles in Gituamba area, California told police he stumbled on the body in the sack floating on the water.

Police who visited the scene said the body had been tied in the sack, which was washed downstream, and that they had yet to identify it.

The body had no visible injuries at the time of its discovery and seemed two days old.

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