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CITY GIRL: Women who drink silly, black out are a big letdown

I am a devout teetotaler. I have never tasted alcohol in my young life, mostly due to my strict Presbyterian upbringing in which there was never a mention of alcohol in my childhood.

There is a way children are brought up that they will never entertain even a whiff of interest in alcohol.

Also, my Presbyterian properness taught me about ‘consecration’ and my body being a ‘temple’.

But this does not mean that I have anything against alcohol. As a matter of fact, I have no problem at all with people who drink alcohol, particularly the young women.


My problem is the young women who drink themselves silly. The ones who black out. You see, ladies, if you do not take care of yourself, someone else will. And they will take care of you in the best way that serves them right.

I have read a lot of stories of young women taken advantage of in that state of drunkenness, many of them who were too drunk to remember what happened to them.

We’ve heard of stories of young women going to house parties where they quaff demonic combinations of alcohol after which they lose it and the next day, most cannot recall what happened the previous night because they were too high.

I have never been drunk so I can only imagine what a deeply regretful feeling it must be for a woman not to remember how she got home the previous night, or worse, what happened to her because something inside her feels terribly wrong.

I am tired of these pitiful stories of women who got themselves drunk while in the wrong company, something happens to them and we are all here sympathising with her while really we should be asking her the tough questions. Why?


Why in the world would you get so drunk to a point of a black out? Aren’t you an adult of sound mind, sound enough to know when you’ve had enough alcohol?

You are not a toddler or a child that you leave the burden of your personal security entirely to a group of friends, whom you do not even trust.

Nobody dragged you to that bar kicking and screaming and force-fed you tots of tequilas. You knew what you were getting into, so why are you complaining when something nasty happens to you that night?

If you drink yourself to an apathetic torpor in chintzy bar and something happens to you in one of those dark street alleys, who is to blame?

Your personal security is your responsibility. Your state of mind is your responsibility. You getting home safe, in one piece, with both your shoes and all your clothes intact is your personal responsibility and women need to stop heaping that responsibility on men who do not care about them.


You have the power to control and decide whatever happens to you on a Friday night out. You and only you are in control of how you feel in the morning after. You cannot stagger along the streets like an old village oaf coming from Mojos and expect to get home in one piece.

Your sins will eventually catch up with you and the world has a way of teaching drunk, irresponsible women a tough lesson.

It is a bitter pill to swallow, but I think it is stupid for a woman to be so entitled as to think that the rest of the world owes her protection just because she is a woman.

Come on, do not believe the tedious drivel of the Twitter feminists who blame everything on men and absolve irresponsible and drunken women. Don’t listen to the nonsense they tweet.

If any woman who ever went through a nasty experience while drunk was to be entirely honest, they would tell you they wish they did things differently.

Their lives right now are haunted and riddled with numerous what ifs. “What if I was not so drunk?”

They will tell you they wish they never got so drunk and maybe, just maybe, things would have turned out differently.

The choice is yours, ladies. Remember tequila sio supu!