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Women find men who are good storytellers more attractive, research

A new research has found that women prefer men who are good storytellers. According to the research that was published this month, women admitted to liking men who could hold a coherent and interesting conversation.

The research that was published in the journal Personal Relationships had three separate studies that drew a similar conclusion.

In the first study, 71 men and 84 women were told that the person whose picture they were looking at was either a “good,” “moderate” or “poor” storyteller.

In the second study, 32 men and 50 women were given a short story supposedly written by the person in the picture; half the stories were concise and compelling, and half rambled and used dull language.

In the third study, 60 men and 81 women were told whether the person in the picture was a good storyteller and were asked to rate their social status and ability to be a good leader in addition to their attractiveness.


The results were the same across all three studies as women rated men who were good storytellers as more attractive and desirable as potential long-term partners.

“Storytelling is linked to the ability to be a good provider,” because a man is explaining what he can offer, says Melanie Green, an associate professor in the department of communication at the University at Buffalo and a researcher on the study.

According to a marriage therapist interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, stories and conversations help build relationships.

Couples who come for counselling are asked to narrate different events that have excited them in marriage.

“It’s a way to build and maintain a bond over shared history,” says Anna Osborn, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Sacramento, Calif.