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Women give their side of the story after #BrokenBonds leaves audiences shocked

Women on social media have expressed disappointment and frustration following a story aired by a local television station on Monday night.

The KTN Father’s day special report that aired in two parts during the evening news showed the life of misery and anguish that fathers who have been separated from their offspring endure.

The feature,titled ‘Broken Bonds’, showed several men whose former spouses had kept them out of their children’s lives after their marriages fell apart.


Many women who commented on the story described it as one-sided and would have liked to hear from the women being accused of keeping children away from their fathers.

Others were left amused by the tears the emotional men shed on television, and were not moved at all.

“Unless I hear the corresponding stories of their wives or baby mamas, then I can’t say anything… we can’t allow them to use their tears to buy our sympathy,” Kajuju J. Kajuju posted.

Gladys Njeri narrated her own story, how her boyfriend started mistreating her after she got pregnant and she finally left.

“One thing I know, no sober woman will just walk away and decide to be a single mum and leave a caring, responsible and loving man behind…” she added, after saying that she would never go back to her boyfriend.

Some women were in support of the men featured on the show.


Suzan Mbogo Kinoti said; “Hey mothers…please be fair to the children too. Denying them to interact with the dad will psychologically affect them. You might not realize it but the children feel bad especially the school ones after realizing there should be a mum and dad. Please may God help you.”

Other women chose to give their own experiences raising children on their own, while others supported the idea of keeping the men that are bad influences out of their children’s lives.

“These are the same men who are over 30 behaving like teenagers, clubbing till morning and every other weekend…showing up at home from Monday to Thursday, then from Friday evening they’ll be back on Sunday night or Monday morning yet they call themselves dads…nkt,” Brenda Kui said, irritated.

“Even children forget them until when you decide to leave because the environment is not favouring you or the kid so that’s when someone says you are denying him a chance to be a parent while in real since he denied himself when he was busy with friends and slay queens…”she concluded.


Still, others commented on how to make co-parenting work even when the parents cannot be together.

“This is where maturity plays a big role! For my case, I allow my daughter to have a relationship with her father for even though we parted it did not mean that my child also should part from him. He will always be her father and that I cannot change. I thank God for him for without him my daughter would not be here! I have to be fair to my child and provide her with a stable life with both her parents in it,” Koi Pauline Njenga said.