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Nairobi women reveal why they recycle bras

By MWENDE KASUJJA September 8th, 2017 2 min read

Nairobi women have at last admitted to over-wearing one bra irrespective of how many they own.

Women have in past researches been found guilty of wearing bras more than once before it is washed.

This even as researchers link bras to cancer and sagging bras.

In the recent tell-all post on a Facebook group named Chit Chat for Nairobi Moms, women admitted to having that bra that they never get enough of.

“Guilty as charged my black bra haitokangi kwa mwili nikifua siwezi mix na nguo ingine juu ya kunuka kila marashi,” wrote one woman.

“There is that bra that gives me support yenye the rest can’t so kurudia lazima,” explained another.

“Wonder bra my fren…don’t even mention…..recycling for days???” added another.

“True ??. .Following for my favourite black push up bra ??” another commented.

“Guilty as charged…untill bae noticed n bought me 4pair of them thinking I don’t have any other, only to find a dozen of them where I keep…was so humiliated but he knows its the love to a particular bra,” another stated.

“True, kama haiko kwa kamba iko kwa mwili???,” another added.

“Hahaha the main is washed mtu akioga or as an independent candidate hata ile time no other clothes are being fuliwad ndio kesho yake ikuwe imekauka!” explained another woman.

“Its true. My main bra nisipovaa naskia ni kama nimeacha roho nyumbani. Nilifua jana usiku(after weeks of dirt) haha sasa naingara leo nikitoka,” another one confessed.

“So guilty…Mine is black but it looks like rainbow, nimeishona na uzi colours zote one would mistake it for a Rastafarian flag, no one cleans it unless I say so, there’s a time my house help washed it without consulting me when it was time to go out n I realized it was wet I cancelled my plan of going out,” commented another.