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Women slammed as disgrace after brutalizing girl over ‘Panaito’

By EDDY KAGERA January 12th, 2018 2 min read

A group of Kenyan women have been condemned as a disgrace after they were caught on video brutalizing a girl they accused of sleeping with one of the girl’s man.

The man by the name Panaito is nowhere in the undated video.

The victim, who had her hair pulled out, was accosted inside a building and is at some point left completely naked. She had just a towel wrapped around her.

She is heard begging for her life shouting several times: “I have not slept with Panaito.”


A woman, who has her by the hair slaps and kicks her on the floor and is at some point heard asking for a knife.

It is not clear if she wanted to stab the poor woman or cut off her hair.

Meanwhile, another war breaks out after two women attempt to rescue the victim. Their pleas of “that’s enough”, however, fall on deaf ears as one of them is targeted.


A woman by the name Cindy, who is presumed to be Panaito’s wife or girlfriend is seen smashing the victims phone on the floor several times as the owner begs her not to.

“Cindy please don’t break my phone,” pleads the victim.

“I’ll even break your whole body. Kaa hapo!” retords Cindy.


The victim protests her innocence throughout the 1 minute 39-second clip. She tells her attackers to open the phone to prove her point.

It is not clear how the incident ended.

On social media, outraged users wondered why the women did not square things away with Panaito.

‎Margaret Linda Gichane wondered: “Why not beat the Panaito idiot…. like seriously… this is just wrong.”

Mosh Dlynn added: “Didn’t we say we no longer fighting over a full grown ass man in 2018???I can only fight for my son just because he is still a minor period.”

Laban Koros said: “It’s not funny there’s a better way of solving issues so sad.”