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Women strip one of their own naked for scanty dressing

A middle aged woman was stripped naked by other women at Kitengela market on Thursday after she defied their calls to change her dressing.

The market women claimed that her sense of fashion was ‘provocative’.

Troubled started when the woman in her late twenties went to the market to buy  foodstuff  and was confronted by the women who operate stalls in the open market.

A few women approached her and advised her to change her dressing style, saying it was “demeaning to women and a bad example to young girls.”

The shopper, in response, is said to have hurled insults at the women, telling them that they were jealous and should mind their business.

A commotion ensued, attracting other women who surrounded her and started stripping and beating her. Her pleas for help fell on deaf ears as she was left completely naked.

“This is not the first time she has dressed indecently and she should be taught a lesson to discourage others from such behaviour,” said Ann Mbithe, an eye witness.

The confrontation attracted a crowd of onlookers, with men cheering the women to ‘teach her a lesson’.

People who tried to rescue her were blocked by the crowd of onlookers.

Policemen arrived at the scene and took her to Kitengela police station,  but not before a good samaritan gave her a dust coat to cover her nakedness.

Nobody was arrested in connection to the incident.