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Women tip each other on how to find and get rich men to like them

In search for soft lives without having to get jobs to earn money, some women have resorted to finding rich men who to spoil them with luxury gifts, exotic travels and expensive assets including houses and cars.

In Kenya, some influencers are known for living these kinds of lives, often out of the pockets of married, wealthy men and then claim that it is God who has been blessing them with hustles that pay well.

Well, as the phenomenon continues circling the globe, women online tipped each other on where they could go to find wealthy men and how they can get these men into situationships or relationships with them.

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Some of the popular locations where wealthy men can be found include upscale hotel conference rooms where they hold workshops for days on end and at prestigious hotel bars.

Other women listed upscale gyms and exclusive golf and country clubs if one wanted to find wealthy company owners, lawyers and doctors.

Airport business and first class lounges, high end beach resorts, polo lounges, horse race courses, tennis clubs, philanthropy events and certain dating apps also made the cuts of where wealthy men could be found.

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To attract wealthy men into various forms of relationships, women advised each other to:

  1. Become high value women – being knowledgeable, conducts oneself respectably, owning interests and hobbies and not being demanding in terms of finances and emotions.
  2. Being confident that they can command attention in any room they enter without trying to hard.
  3. Always looking good in terms of fashion, hair and makeup; being composed, elegant and stylish.
  4. Being approachable because men fear rejection

Others were of the opinion that women should invest in their bodies by eating healthy and going to the gym to maintain a shapely body and glowing skin, positively affirm themselves into the best version of themselves so that they can give off positive energy that attracts people to them; and spending time on upgrading one’s knowledge and career were also how wealthy men could be attracted.

Do you know of any more ways on how to attract wealthy men? Do let us know.

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