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Women up in arms after Kagame bans skin lightening products

Women in Rwanda are not a happy lot after the government started implementing a directive that banned skin lighting products in the country.

In November last year, President Paul Kagame ordered the nation’s ministry of health to take action immediately.

“I think @rwandastandards and @RwandaHealth should start a campaign against skin bleaching, a BIG one because this is getting out of hand!” wrote a user.

President Kagame responded by stating; “quite unhealthy among other things. Includes use of prohibited chemicals. MoH and RNP need to reign this in very quickly.”

Since the ban came into effect, thousands of bottles have been seized from shop shelves in a government-led crackdown.

Some women have slammed the government for taking away their right to make choices.

The Rwandan government has urged women to “Love the skin you’re in”.