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Women up in arms as Tanzania slaps 25% tax on wigs, hair extensions

Tanzania’s finance minister has announced a 25 per cent tax on all imported wigs and hair extensions and a 10 percent tax on those made in the country in a bid to raise more revenue.

Philip Mpango announced the measures, which should come in at the beginning of next month, as part of his annual budget statement on Thursday.

Wigs, most of which come from overseas, are commonly worn by women in the country.

The cheapest wig currently costs around $4 (£3.40) but they can go up to $130 (Sh13,000).

Mr Mpango also ended the exemption on value added tax being placed on sanitary towels. He said it was because consumers had not benefited from the lower price as businesses did not reduce what they charged when the exemption was introduced.

Many women have taken to Tanzanian WhatsApp groups to complain about the new measures, accusing the government of punishing them.

Other tax increases include a 35 per cent tax on chocolate and biscuits – it had been 25 per cent.