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‘Wonder Woman’, a great superhero movie worth watching

A goofy line at the end might have ruined this beautifully directed movie of an origin story that digs into the characters transformation from naive warrior to inspiring hero.

Wonder woman is a stunning and masterful retelling of DC’s origin story of one of their biggest, most popular female superhero, Diana Prince/Wonder Woman.

The movie is about knowledge and courage, war and peace, about a young woman who can lift up a battle-tank and be charmed by an ice-cream cone. It is also triumphantly and exuberantly fun.

The movie takes place almost entirely on Themyscira or in Europe during World War I, the film has a unique opportunity to explore its supposed character in a context when the world has not yet learned about superheroes.

Additionally, the action never gets repetitive as each major sequence incorporates different elements or settings to offer something new. One of the best battle sequences features the Amazons taking on a group of human soldiers wielding WWI weaponry.

The narrative is engaging and unexpectedly funny, though it does end with one of those flammable climaxes nobody seems to like but the genre can’t seem to escape.


The superhero role is played by Gal Gadot-Varsano an Israeli actress and model.

In the run up to the movie premier, Gadot was busy doing the usual press circuit, appearing on morning shows and interviewing with news outlets. She revealed some great tidbits about filming in the process, comparing rehearsing for the movie to her time in the Israeli army.

In a US morning show Live Kelly and Ryan, she said training for the film was harder than the Israeli Army where she served for two years, starting at the age of 20 (military service is compulsory for Israeli citizens).

After a three-month boot camp, she went on to become a combat trainer, and since then she has gone on to play physically demanding movie roles and even performed many of her own stunts.

Wonder Woman premiered on Tuesday at an invite only showing at Anga Imax in what was a memorable evening for movie enthusiasts who attended.

The movie opened on June 2, at Anga and Sky Imax. To get your tickets here