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Work from home: Govt partners with Google to offer affordable, high speed internet -VIDEO

The government has partnered with Google Loons to provide faster and more affordable internet, especially during the coronavirus outbreak that has forced many Kenyans to work from home.

President Uhuru Kenyatta announced this on Monday, saying the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority has signed a pact with Google Loon that will allow Loon balloons to fly over Kenyan airspace.

The balloons will hover above commercial airspace and carry 4G base stations that will have the capacity to provide wider internet signal coverage.

“My government continues to roll out a raft of measures to mitigate the disruption of our lives that is caused by this pandemic. To foster communication and enable Kenyans to retain and enhance remote access to their offices and enterprises, my administration has granted approvals that will ensure universal 4G data coverage is available throughout our country,” said Kenyatta.

He added, “I am pleased to announce that the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority has signed an agreement with Google Loon to allow Loon balloons to fly over Kenyan airspace. These balloons that will hover well above our commercial airspace will carry 4G base station that will have the capacity to provide wider signal coverage.”

He said the initiative will enable Kenya to retain her competitive edge in ICT and innovation amid the current Covid-19 crisis and lay a foundation for greater expansion once the virus is contained.

In addition, the technology will also aid in surveillance and management of coronavirus infections across the country, said the head of state.

“The development will enable Telkom Kenya and Google Loon to start the commercial roll out of a 4G data network in our country. These two companies have been testing this service for the past two years. Therefore all Kenyan wherever they are in our country will enjoy access to high speed and affordable internet services,” he explained.

Kenyatta noted that teachers and students will also benefit from the deal as they will access educational material remotely, thus enabling them to continue with their learning from home.

“My administration has developed and is implementing a comprehensive lessons programme for all our learners to access while safe within their homes,” Kenyatta added.