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World Bank funds relocation of Nairobi hawkers

The presence of hawkers on the streets, alleys and pavements of Nairobi will soon be a thing of the past after the county government received funding to relocate them.

This comes after the World Bank committed Sh650 million towards the development of Mwariro and Karandini modern storey markets, in Kariokor and Dagoretti where the hawkers will be permanently located.

Governor Mike Sonko said that the construction of the modern markets would begin this month and that as a result, his government has wavered all fees and approval charges towards the project.

“The World Bank has given us billions of shillings to build the hawkers markets with ample parking. The construction of these markets will commence immediately,” said Sonko in his social media accounts.


Last year November, Sonko said that the county had identified Mwariro Market in Kariokor as a permanent place to relocate hawkers who have invaded the Central Business District.

At the time, Sonko said the county intended to relocate the hawkers from the city centre before the end of that month and that plans were underway to acquire KPCU building and transform it into a hawkers’ market as well.

At the same time, Sonko has set in motion the relocation of street families in Nairobi to various rehabilitation homes across the county.

“I have instructed my county executive to make sure that street children are taken to the homes, be given food and informed the importance of being in such homes,” Sonko said.