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World Bank to fund plan to build more city schools

The county Government plans to move residents from parts of some estates to create room for new schools.

County Executive officer in charge of education Christopher Khaemba said the plan will be funded by the World Bank.

“There is a shortage of schools in the county and so we hope that moving people to create room for construction of new schools will help,” he said.

“We want to open 80 new Early Childhood Development schools in the next financial year,” said Mr Khaemba.

His department also has put in place a programme to rehabilitate existing ECDs and primary schools.

According to Mr Khaemba, the county government will consider two options as it moves to address the problem of shortage of schools.

The first one is using the shipping containers fitted with solar panels to allow for use of electronics in them.

These will be set up where there is much need for classrooms especially in informal settlements.

“The second one is to adopt an idea I saw in South Africa. It will be the use of mabati and steel beams to build classes as well as have a small field beside the class, a small garden nearby and a solar power,” he said.