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World Cancer Day: Nairobians share tales of watching loved ones lose the fight

February 4th, 2019 2 min read

Nairobians commemorated the World Cancer Day by sharing emotional stories of how they lost loved ones to cancer.

World Cancer Day is marked annually on February 4 to create awareness on the disease.

Free mass screening have been organised across the country to encourage men and women to get tested.

Using the hashtag #cancermtaani Kenyans on Twitter shared their experiences as they also urged the government to establish cancer treatment centres in all  47 counties.

“Let the government put a waiver for cancer machines and medicine to enable the vast majority access both care and treatment locally,” tweeted Kishah Gagan.

“Take the initiative and go get screened today. I have lost 2 of my fathers to cancer,” said Muhamad Onyango.

“On the night of 6/1/2012 Dr. Ali Boy summoned me to his office. My heart was skipping. My mum was in machines. Doc said “young man, you are very strong. I doubt whether your mum will make it tonight. “it was painful,” said Rein.

“Dr ali boy treated my mum for breast cancer in 2003-2004 she took her meds right and lived right after 5 years of taking meds she was cleared cancer free…. last year i went home to the news that her cancer had returned and it was stage Stage 4. this is her 9 month on a test drug she has been receiving while on treatment in India and she is probably going to continue treatment for up to 5 years,” wrote zilani_ke.

“I have Lost friends to Cancer and It’s not something you can just laugh about. To some extent, HIV is Better off than Cancer. The treatment alone can render your entire family Generation Poor,” commented bravin.

“Was loitering around KNH waiting visiting time, saw free screening went into waste time. Lateron the doc kept calling I get my result, I assumed for few months until he said ur case need urgent care & my world came crumbling down with a reality check,” commented Hellen gicheru.

“I have come across a family which struggled to reach KNH and when they were told to come back months later they had no much options They took their mother home and made her smoke weed every day to manage the pain till she died …. That’s the best they could offer,” said Songok Abbigael.

“In 2017 I lost my beautiful cousin to breast cancer & the only mistake she did was not to go for screening if she had, we could have helped her fight it in its early stage. This animal called cancer is rough. Let’s go for screening, let’s fight it together,” wrote Mueni.