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World renown DJ Sabrina was in Nairobi

Highly sought after, DJs play the music that courses in the blood of revellers at clubs and parties. The DJ’s main mission is to make people stay in the club, drink and have a good time hence their high demand in clubs.

Ms Sabrina Terence, recently ranked as the second best female DJ in the world by online website, worldwide dj’s list,  knows she needs to create a great first impression not only through her personality but also through her work; and she does this well.

DJs can stereotyped as people who take swag to a new level by keeping in the latest fashions but Sabrina knows the styles that work for her.

Wearing a black dress to accentuate her trim figure with several visible tattoos, she can pass as an ordinary person, but she managed to stand out and excite those she met on her visit to Nairobi recently.

“I know many will expect me to have a half-shaved head or a big weird hairstyle, tattoos that cover most of my body and piercings,” said Sabrina, adding that her choice of style was not based on such expectations.

Party audience

One of the few female DJs in the world, Sabrina was in the country for a private event and she said the friendly  audience she met stole her heart.

Her schedules are tight but the DJ said she was in love with her career and liked the adrenaline rush that she experienced.

Sabrina started out as a model in Dubai and after years on the runway, realised she was not content with what she was doing.

“I always loved music and I started producing my own mix tapes and that was how I knew I wanted to be a DJ.

When I am at it, I am in my element and I just love the authority that I have over the crowd,” she said.

On her experiences in the country, she said: “I love the people here and the wildlife. I even kissed a giraffe, but what amazed me was the speed with which I was cleared at the airport; it only took me 10 minutes. Although my job involves a lot of travelling and working odd hours, I would love to travel around the world and have new experiences,” she said.

However, all the parties and the travelling have had their down side on her.

She admitted that it was not easy being a female DJ on the international scene.

“It helps when you are attractive because most clients like seeing something that will lure them into the club or party.

But I have had guys who are interested in me and immediately disappear when they learn about my career,” she said.

A DJ’s lifestyle may not sit well with conservative people. Some argue that DJs are paid to have fun since going out at night and enjoying oneself with friends seems to be what defines  fun.

Her career choice not only predisposes her to loneliness — since not many men are willing to invest in a relationship with a DJ — it also exposes her to the pitfalls of the entertainment scene; mostly booze and drugs.

But before I can even ask, Sabrina explains that she has been fortunate to escape the drug and alcohol trap that ensnares many of those in the entertainment industry.

“I remember before I became a DJ there was always someone ready to offer me drugs but now that I am well-known the offers are nowhere… I drink a maximum of three glasses of wine and I am also glad that I live in Dubai where drugs are forbidden. This helps a lot.”

If she were given an opportunity to change anything in her life she would change nothing but if given the same opportunities in life generally, she said she would do her best to stop wars and make the world a more peaceful place to live in.