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Bizarre photos emerge of worshipers kneeling to kiss wealthy ‘prophet’s’ shoes

By HILARY KIMUYU September 5th, 2017 1 min read

Photos of a Ugandan ‘Prophet’ whose followers practically worship the ground he walks on have shocked the online community.

The bizarre photos were apparently taken during an event held at Kololo Independence grounds where the flamboyant ‘Prophet’, Elvis Mbonye, was the object hero worship by his entranced followers.

In the photos, the immensely wealthy Mbonye, whose reportedly owns a fleet of cars and mansions, is seen seated on a white seat with gold reams as some of his followers knee to at his feet to kiss shoes.

The prophet is dressed in white from head to toe.

In some other photos, Mbonye is seen walking on red carpet laid from one of his expensive cars. He flanked men who appear to be his bodyguards.

The photos have elicited varied reactions from netizens. Sample a few here: