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WRC Safari Rally: Why men are not taking their wives to Naivasha

The highly anticipated 2023 WRC Safari Rally kicked get underway on Thursday, 22 June, attracting a large crowd of enthusiastic rally fans.

However, it seems that many Kenyan men attending the event have left their wives behind, sparking discussions and debates on social media platforms.

While some men have chosen to attend the rally with their friends, others have chosen to be accompanied by their “Mpango Wa Kandos.”

The decision to attend such sports events without one’s spouse has become a topic of conversation, with varying opinions and perspectives shared on social media.

Attending on not attending Safari Rally is a personal decision and there can be multiple factors influencing why partners may choose not to accompany each other.

Rally fans cheer catch the action at the Kasarani Special Stage of the 2022 WRC Safari Rally on June 23, 2022. PHOTO | SILA KIPLAGAT

Here are a few possible reasons that could contribute to this:

1. Lack of interest – It is possible that some partners simply do not share the same level of interest in motorsport or rally events. People have different preferences when it comes to entertainment and recreation, and attending Safari Rally may not align with their interests or passions.

2. Prior commitments – Many individuals have prior commitments or engagements that prevent them from attending Safari Rally with their partners. These commitments could include work-related obligations, personal responsibilities or other social engagements that take precedence over attending a sporting event.

3. Discomfort with motorsport – Some individuals may feel uncomfortable or unsafe in environments characterized by high-speed racing, loud engines and huge crowds. The noise, adrenaline-filled atmosphere and fast-paced nature of rallying may not appeal to everyone, leading some partners to choose not to attend.

Rally fans queue to have autographs from Japanese Toyota Gazoo driver Takamoto Katsuta and other WRC Safari Rally drivers at the Safari Centre Mall in Naivasha on June 22, 2023. PHOTO | BONIFACE MWANGI

4. Other hobbies or interests – It is essential to recognize that partners may have their own hobbies or interests that they prefer to engage in during their free time. They may have alternative plans or activities that they find more fulfilling or enjoyable, which may not involve attending a rally event.

5. Health or physical limitations – For some individuals, health issues or physical limitations may make attending a rally event impractical or unadvisable. Factors such as accessibility, outdoor conditions and potential risks associated with the event can significantly impact their decision to attend or not.

While these reasons provide some insight into why partners may choose not to attend the WRC Safari Rally together, it is crucial to remember that each relationship and individual is unique.

Open and respectful communication between partners is essential to understanding and accepting each other’s interests, choices, and preferences.

Other than the high-speed action, many fun-loving are in Naivasha this weekend for other non-sporting reasons, like the entertainment that Bongo star Ali Kiba treated his fans to on Friday night on day two of Safari Rally at the Safari Centre Stop in Naivasha.

Ireland’s Craig Breen navigated by Paul Nagle racing on a Ford Puma in full cruise during Shakedown Loldia stage of the 2022 WRC Safari Rally n this picture taken on June 22, 2022. PHOTO | SILA KIPLAGAT