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These wrestling moves by high school students will amuse you –VIDEO

A video of high school students performing some wrestling moves from various WWE superstars has caught the attention of a number of tweeps.

The boys superbly pulled off moves from three of the most adored wrestlers from the Attitude era.

The superstars included Triple H, Randy Orton and The Rock.

In the video shared on Twitter by DJ Joe Mfalme, the students pull off the moves as their colleagues watch and cheer in amusement. It has been retweeted 100 times.

At the end, there’s even a “referee” at the end of the contest dressed in some stripped outfit for the countdown.

And although they simulated the moves perfectly, the two actors from an unknown school, evidently, did not sustain any injuries.

For Paul Michael Levesque who goes by the ring name Hunter Hearst Helmsley or simply as Triple H, his finishing move is called a Pedigree, which involved placing the opponents head between ones legs, lift him up and dropping him on the floor for the three count.

It is considered as one of the most devastating moves especially when done on foreign objects like chairs or the steel steps as the opponents head hits the floor straight.

Randal Keith Orton who’s ring name is Randy Orton aka Apex predator, the viper’s finishing move is the R.K.O, which ironical is the initials of his name.


He is best known to pull off his move when his opponent least expects it for the victory, just like a viper which strikes at a moment’s notice.

The move involves one leaping into the air, grabbing the opponent’s neck with your right hand and dropping them to the ground as it delivers a knockout thus being among the few most lethal and effective in any type of match.

Most WWE Superstars have finishing moves that would be considered as lethal, shocking, devastating which to some extent leave the opponent knocked.

But some superstars have what would be said as weak looking and not so effective moves like the worm by Scotty Too Hotty, the leg drop by Hulk Hogan or the Samoan spike by Umaga.


Dwayne “the rock” Johnson, the most electrifying man in sports entertainment falls in the category of having one of the weakest moves popularly known as the rock bottom.

He lifts the opponent by the shoulder and drops him to the mat then switches to the “the peoples elbow” where he again stands by the opponents head, stares at the crowd, removes one of his shoulder pads, runs across the ring twice and drops his elbow on opponents ribs then goes for the pin count.

Whichever way you look be it either the move is weak, strong or just too lethal it’s all for sports entertainment. And the students delivered just that.

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