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WWE legend The Undertaker retires after brutal Wrestle Mania match

Wrestling legend Mark William Calaway, popularly known as The Undertaker, has retired from WWE after nearly 27 years following defeat to Roman Reigns.

The Undertaker dropped his gloves, hat and trench coat in the middle of the ring at the end of Sunday night’s WrestleMania 33, the BBC reports.

The 52-year-old lost the main event to Reigns.

The Undertaker is a multiple world heavyweight champion, a six-time tag team title holder and a Royal Rumble winner.


He is among wrestling names with a large following in Kenya and Africa and fans took to Twitter to pay tribute to him with the hashtag #ThankYouTaker and #WrestleMania.

Taker himself twitted, “There will never be a undertaker again, I leave on my final last ride with WWE. I say ‘May my legacy Rest in peace’.”

Other WWE superstars from past and present also took to social media to thank The Undertaker for his 25-year service to the industry.

The Sun reports that WWE fans were left in floods of tears after The Undertaker signalled his retirement from wrestling.

According to the Mirror, Taker was deservedly applauded out of the ring at the end as chants of “Thank you, Taker” rang out across the 75,000-crowd Citrus Bowl.