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Xtian Dela exposed for abandoning his mum

Social media influencer Xtian Ndela, born Arthur Mandela Nyongesa, was the subject of discussion late Saturday evening after his mother, Bishop Naomi Nyongesa, pleaded with him to reunite with his family after cutting off communication with them four years ago.

In the viral interview with Sauti TV, Bishop Nyongesa revealed that her husband had died and Arthur was one of the sources of her strength now.

“Arthur Mandela Nyongesa was born in 1990. Beginning 2019, he began disappearing for periods of time. When I told him to come home and visit us, he didn’t come often and would say ‘mum I’m very busy’ and I said its okay,” Bishop Nyongesa recounted.

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“From there, he went silent and that is how I’ve never heard from him again. He cut me off, he blocked me and I saw it fit to go and appeal where Arthur can easily be found. Let him know that his mother wants him back,” she said.

She went on to say it was very painful for a mother to be without her child for four years. She apologized for getting emotional while making her appeal to Arthur, telling him that she loved him and that he was her sole strength. In her appeal, she also revealed that Arthur had also cut off communication with his siblings.

“And you Fatmah, I saw in photos that you have a child with Arthur. That child that you carried in your womb for nine months, akukane (may that child reject you in the future),” added Bishop Nyongesa.

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Xtian Dela gained infamy circa 2019 when he began hosting his X-rated Club Covid on Instagram live where the topics revolved around sex and women performing X-rated acts for money and attention.

It was during this period that he cut off communication with his family. However, the mother revealed that there had been no fallout between them and she was at a loss to explain why her son had changed so much.

At the time of publishing this article, Xtian Dela’s social media handles, where he is actively vocal, were set on private.

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