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Xtian Dela summoned by DCI over explicit content on his ‘Club Covid’ show

Online personality Arthur Mandela, popularly known as Xtian Dela, was on Thursday summoned to the DCI over explicit content on his Instagram page.

The blogger alerted his online followers that he was at DCI headquarters to record a statement over his Club Covid online show.


“Just got summoned by the DCI because of Club Covid. Currently at DCI HQ,” he said.

Last month, three parents sued the blogger over his explicit Instagram live show Club Covid seeking to have him stopped from airing the late night show with immediate effect.

Morosi King, Anthony Wahome Kamunyi and Francis Karanja, through Ngugi Mburu Advocates, described themselves as patriotic parents who are concerned with the welfare of their children. They claimed the blogger is infringing on the rights of teenagers.

The blogger was accused of broadcasting obscene material in his show. He has also been accused of reportedly engaging young girls before the show then later raising funds to pay them.

According to the three parents, Club Covid does not only affect them but also affects other parents and citizens.


“Our instructions are to take such further steps in this matter as may be necessary, including the institution of legal proceedings against yourself for the distribution of the obscene images and contravention of the right to dignity at all times holding you liable for the costs thereby incurred and other consequences ensuring thereof,” they indicated in their demand letter to Xtian.

On Tuesday, the blogger apologised to his followers after the show failed to air informing them that there was a lot going on behind the scenes.

The IG Live show airs daily from 12 midnight to 4am, outside the watershed period.

The coronavirus pandemic has birthed various Instagram live shows by various celebrities as they seek to keep their fans entertained while getting paid for it.

Xtian borrowed the idea of the raunchy show from Canadian rapper Tory Lanez who was the first to bring on this type of entertainment to social media users through his ‘Quarantine Radio’ show on Instagram Live.