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Yes, we’ve been auctioned over Sh4m debt – Kenya Rugby Union boss

Auctioneers on Thursday drove into the Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) secretariat in Nairobi unannounced and carted away property worth millions of shillings.

Nairobi News understands that the auctioneers were representing a client who is seeking to recover a Sh4 million debt extended to the Union.

And KRU chairman Gangla Oduor confirmed this debt and the Thursday incident.

He explained that the debt has accumulated for services rendered to the men’s national sevens rugby team in its preparations for international assignments.

“It is an old debt. The incident is unfortunate but there is nothing we could do. We at times access some of these facilities on credit and when the government does not pay on time, we encounter such incidents,” said Oduor.

Multiple sources further told Nairobi News that the Sh4 million debt had ballooned to Sh10 million after additional charges including legal fees and interests were added.


Meanwhile, in this mid-morning incident, about ten mean-looking men arrived in a lorry and saloon car.

The lorry drove into the premises while the saloon car was strategically parked at the gate. They all walked into the offices and flashed a court order.

“Their leader explained to us that they have not come to fight and asked us to excuse ourselves,” a staffer explained.

Several computers and other office accessories including tables and chairs, a fridge and dispenser were taken away. The union’s official car was also not spared.

Oduor could also not guarantee this embarrassing incident will be the last of its kind.

He says KRU has an additional Sh75 million debt. The union, he added, submitted an annual budget of Sh195 million to the government for expenses of four national teams including the men’s national sevens and 15-aside teams, women’s team, and U-20 men’s side. Less than half of that was approved but only Sh4 million has been paid.

The Kenya Rugby Union offices along Ngong Road, being Auctioned. The union owes various suppliers **That’s Your Sport**

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