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‘Yesu wa Tongaren’ asks journalists to send him cash for interviews

Controversial Bungoma-based preacher Eliud Wekesa, popularly known as Yesu wa Tongaren, has sparked a debate after making a request to journalists to show their appreciation for him with gifts.

During a press briefing at the DCI offices after being questioned on Wednesday, the self-proclaimed savior gave the impression that journalists earn substantial amounts of money from their regular interviews with him.

Wanahabari, sitahofia kuongea hili (Journalists, I will not hesitate to speak the truth),” Yesu wa Tongaren said.

He revealed that numerous individuals have informed him that journalists have gained considerable profit from their engagements with him.

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However, despite this alleged financial gain, he expressed disappointment over the lack of reciprocation, even in the form of a simple soda, when journalists visit his home.

Addressing the journalists directly, Yesu wa Tongaren emphasized the importance of recognition.

He expressed his dismay at their apparent reluctance to extend any form of appreciation, not even a modest contribution of Sh1,000.

Wacha niseme wasikie. Ata shilingi tu elfu moja mpe yesu ni ngumu sana. Lakini naskia tu watu wakisema kwa nini hawakupeeko kitu (Let me speak so that they may hear. Even giving Jesus just Sh1,000 is very difficult. But I hear people questioning why they haven’t given me anything),” he said.

However, he clarified that he doesn’t prioritize material possessions because his mission hasn’t come easily.

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Hii mambo iko. Lakini huwa siangalii hayo maana hii kazi haikuja tu kwa njia rahisi (These things exist. But I don’t pay much attention to them because this work didn’t come easily),” he said.

He recalled being labeled crazy and sick by others, admitting that those descriptions might hold some truth.

Wengine waliniita mimi mwendawazimu, mgonjwa na kweli nakubali (Some called me crazy, sick, and truthfully, I accept),” he said.

On Wednesday, Yesu wa Tongaren presented himself to the police station for questioning after he was summoned by Bungoma police commander Francis Kooli.

Kooli summoned the leader of the New Jerusalem church for questioning over alleged questionable religious teachings.