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Yesu wa Tongaren ‘fires sun and moon’ as his lawyers, hires Wajackoyah

Bongoma preacher, Eliud Wekesa, popularly known as Yesu wa Tongaren, has now hired 2022 presidential candidate, Prof George Wajackoyah, in his ongoing court case of spreading ideologies that go against societal norms.

On Tuesday, Prof Wajackoyah made his way to the courts in Bungoma County to join the defense team and later in the morning, Yesu wa Tongaren was freed.

This was after the defense said they had no case against him after the preacher spent five days in police custody.

Last week, when he presented himself to the police, the leader of New Jerusalem Church said the sun and the moon would be his defense.

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“I know that according to the law, only those found in fault are arrested. Since I began God’s work at the age of 30, I have never done anything wrong. My lawyers will be the sun and the moon because I have no sins in relation to doing wrong against human beings,” Mr Wekesa said.

He later asked journalists to appreciate him with financial gifts because he regularly grants them interviews that make headlines.

Mr Wekesa calls himself Jesus and has disciples just like the biblical Christ had. He has been reported to have discouraged farmers against planting crops and wait for miracles that he will perform to make their lives better.

He however claims that he only preaches the true gospel and that law enforcement had received misleading information regarding his church.

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His arrest came in the wake of a countrywide investigations into religious organizations that have rituals believed to be cultic.

Following the Shakahola Forest mass deaths, President William Ruto formed a task force to review regulations governing religious organizations in the country.

It has been reported that in the 800 acres Shakahola forest, Pastor Paul Mackenzie urged his followers to fast to death if they wanted to meet Jesus.

So far, more than 200 bodies have been exhumed from mass graves within the forest located in Kilifi County. Some of the victims were found to have been strangled, bludgeoned, beaten and suffocated to death.

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