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Yet another body found in Nairobi River

A body of a middle-aged man has been recovered from the Nairobi River, bringing the total number of bodies found in the river to 15 since May this year.

According to the county Government Director of Communication Elkana Jacob, the body was found on Thursday morning at Korogocho area.

Youths employed by the Nairobi County under the ‘Ngarisha Jiji Initiative’ which embarked on cleaning Nairobi River, have been recovering bodies – of both children and adults – while clearing mounds of garbage dumped in the river.

The last time such an incident occurred was in May this year when they found a body of an eight-year-old boy, putting the total number of recovered bodies at 14 back then.

The boy appeared to have been strangled and dumped near the river.

Foetuses wrapped in polythene papers are also among the bodies which have been retrieved from Nairobi River and Ngong River.


The ‘Ngarisha Jiji Initiative’ was launched last year by Nairobi First Lady Primrose Mbuvi to help keep the city clean.

Their work entails unblocking the sewer lines, removal of campaign posters, clearing mounds of garbage and promoting responsible garbage disposal.

Recently, they embarked on a mission to clean-up Nairobi River and Ngong River to restore them to their former state.