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You are wrong, Sakaja! – Kenya Kwanza leaders on handshake

Political leaders affiliated with Kenya Kwanza have corrected Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja following his remarks on a possible handshake between President William Ruto and Azimio la Umoja party leader Raila Odinga.

Sakaja had fronted the idea of having the two leaders meet to avoid the planned mass actions that have been slotted for next week, Monday March 20, 2023.

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In response, Cheragei, a second-term senator dissuaded Sakaja from advocating for a handshake saying that if he (Sakaja) is bothered, then he should do the handshake between him and Mr Odinga.

“@SakajaJohnson, on this, you are wrong. Tinga shall NOT be near our beloved H.E Ruto. You can go ahead and do a handshake/hand cheque with Tinga ALONE the way you have done with AZIMIO-OKA remnants in Kanairo. Tinga aanze kutafuta glucose ya Monday ile mbio inakuja,” he tweeted.

On the other hand, Nakuru governor Susan Kihika questioned the importance of elections if the loser needs to be incorporated into the government every time.

“What is the point of ELECTIONS if every cycle the loser demands to forcefully be incorporated into Gov’t? Doesn’t the election determine the winner = President; the loser goes HOME and waits for the next election hoping for better luck to LEGITIMATELY turn tables; WIN, NO?” she posed.

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During a church service at St Joseph Mukasa in Nairobi, the first-time governor emphasized the need to “engage all leaders” in discussions, noting that the Kenya Kwanza administration discourages the politics of exclusion.

“No one wants a handshake or nusu mkate. But you must acknowledge all leaders, you must be able to hear what are the legitimate concerns.”

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He added, “This country is bigger than any one person this is our country and everyone must be made to feel as Kenyan as the other person. The politics of exclusion is not the politics of Kenya Kwanza. Kenya Kwanza’s politics is politics of inclusion and I know that is what the president stands for.”

After his remarks attracted varying opinions, Sakaja clarified, saying he did not ask for a handshake but for a discussion between the two parties.

Mr Odinga called for mass protests at State House next week, with President Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua expressing their unconcern about the plan terming them as cowardice moves.

President Ruto has vowed not to allow a handshake in his administration, faulting his predecessor, former president Uhuru Kenyatta for being in bed with the opposition hence his government was never kept in check.

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