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You can’t intimidate me, Jakakimba tells Maverick Aoko

High Court lawyer and Kenya Kwanza government defender Silas Jakakimba is the latest high-profile figure to clash with blogger Maverick Atieno Aoko.

This comes as the blogger turns her ire on President William Ruto’s government after several months of defending the same government from opposition bloggers.

But this time, the stylish lawyer said he would not be intimidated by their threats and accusations on social media.

“As I’ve said in related tweet replies, don’t ever bring your poverty of character Twitter garbage near my name,” Silas replied.

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He explained that he had never been a blogger, as Ms Aoko claimed.

“But the day I start tweeting about the transformative agenda of President Ruto’s administration, your clumsy and c**ty trends that have taken over the soul of your conscience will have to fade.”

He also did not shy away from allegations of multiple relationships, saying he is the biological father of many children.

“I am a father of many biological and several non-biological children and you can’t intimidate me about that.”

“You are part of the long queue of those who don’t know me well. I’ll wait for your ‘return’ before I send you packing.”

Ms Aoko had claimed in a social media post that the lawyer was one of the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition “impostors” who had managed to infiltrate the Kenya Kwanza government.

She went on to claim that the so-called fraudsters in the government have information and are being given tenders while those who have been with the President since the campaign period have been left out.

Earlier, Ms Aoko claimed that Azimio bloggers were invited to the Madaraka Day celebrations in Embu while some pro-government bloggers were ignored.

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