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You have nowhere to hide, reform before we catch you, CS Kindiki warns criminals

Interior Cabinet Secretary Prof Kithure Kindiki has sent a warning to criminals in Nairobi and across the country, saying the only option for them is to reform before the long arm of the law catches them.

Speaking on Monday after assessing the security situation within Nairobi’s CBD, Prof Kindiki said cases of insecurity have gone down in the last week.

His assessment of the city follows weeks of complaints by residents and traders regarding increasing insecurity including deaths and injuries.

“If you think that you have enough weapons and enough tactics to counter the government, I want to assure you that you have dialed the wrong number. We will be looking for you in your hideouts, we will not even wait for you to attack people, we will pre-empt the attacks,” Prof Kindiki said.

The CS said the situation has been handled due to the government’s deployment of both uniformed and non-uniformed police officers in various parts of Nairobi and the entire country.

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He attributed the return to normalcy to the changes that were recently carried out by the National Police Service.

“The report we have so far is that for the past week, normalcy has returned. We have not heard reported crimes, especially muggings and people being attacked with firearms and knives,” he said.

The CS said as he was engaging with traders and Kenyans in the CBD, he got a good report from them.

“I want to firmly and unequivocally confirm that the government is doing whatever it takes to ensure that the citizens are protected from criminals.”

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He added that the police patrolling along the streets in the daytime and at night will continue as the festive season approaches.

“We will maintain a presence in our streets throughout so that people can do business. We cannot surrender this city or this country to criminals. The government will not allow criminals to run roughshod on citizens. I’m asking all those who are still not reformed, those who are still pursuing crime, they must stop immediately because we are coming to you wherever you are and this operation is not ending anytime soon,” the CS said.

At the same time, Prof Kindiki has urged the security officers to be humane to members of the public who have been giving them information about the criminals.

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Among the areas the CS visited include Afya Center, Wakulima Market, the Old Kenya Bus station and Muthurwa Market.

The CS assured traders and businessmen that the government will protect them from criminals so that they can do their business in a safe environment.

He also said the government’s efforts are bearing fruits in other parts of the country including the northern region, which is infamous for  cases of cattle rustling.

Prof Kindiki said similar assessments will be conducted in other parts of the country.

The CS was accompanied by the top security officers in Nairobi County, including the new Nairobi police chief Mr Adamson Bungei.