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‘You helped us overcome challenges,’ heartfelt tribute from Njambi Koikai’s mom

Stella Wambui Kanogo, the mother of late media personality Mary Njambi, has penned an emotional tribute to her daughter, describing her as a phenomenal woman whose spirit deeply touched those around her.

Njambi, affectionately known as Jahmby Fayah Mummah, passed away on June 3 after a long battle with endometriosis.

In her tribute, Stella expressed the deep sadness and disbelief felt by her family.

“It is still hard to believe that she is no longer with us. Her absence feels like a terrible dream from which we hope to wake up,” she wrote.

Stella reflected on Njambi’s remarkable resilience and positive outlook in the face of adversity.

“Since childhood, Njambi has faced life’s challenges with the heart of a lioness and the grace of a queen. She never allowed adversity to wear her down. Instead, she fought fiercely and always emerged stronger. Her optimism was unwavering and she had a unique gift for seeing the glass half full no matter what the circumstances,” she noted.

She also described Njambi as a protector and unwavering source of support for her family.

“Njambi was more than a daughter and sister; she was our protector. As a sister, I remember her vigilance whenever I went out, asking for the phone numbers of everyone I met, ready to call if I didn’t get home on time,” Stella said. “She was my biggest cheerleader and her pride in all my victories was boundless. She was my best friend, the first person I spoke to every morning and we talked about every detail of our lives. We called each other ‘Bebe’ and saw each other as precious gifts to be loved and cherished.”

Njambi’s humour and light-heartedness were a cornerstone of her family.

“When our beloved grandmother, who we affectionately called Mummy, died, Njambi made our grief bearable. She imitated Mummy’s voice and lifted our spirits with her jokes,” Stella recalls.

“Njambi was our guide in so many ways, teaching us the latest sheng’ and making us laugh with her explanations. At our lowest moments, she sat with us in our pain until it faded. She made us believe in ourselves even when we doubted.

The tribute highlighted the irreplaceable gap Njambi’s death has left in their lives.

“Njambi, you will be missed beyond words. You inspired us so much to pursue the things that matter most in our lives. You have left a huge void in our lives and no one will ever be able to fill your shoes. The only comfort we can find is knowing that you are free of pain, reunited with Mummy and sharing stories again,” Stella wrote.

“We will always love you, now and forever, our Queen,” concluded the tribute, signed by “Mum and Barbara”.

Njambi will be buried at Lang’ata Cemetery on June 14.

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