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You were too generous! Magoha’s siblings pay tribute to brother who ensured their successes

By Winnie Mabel February 9th, 2023 3 min read

The late George Albert Omore Magoha is set to be buried on Saturday, February 11, 2023, at his Umiru home in Yala, Siaya County. He passed on at 71 following a cardiac arrest on January 24, 2023.

Included in a 48-page funeral program celebrating the life of the late academic giant, his siblings hailed him for being a caring and too generous brother who took it upon himself to provide for them and educate them when their father retired.

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Below are the tributes paid by the late Magoha’s siblings, Mary Magdalene Owuor, Pauline Anyango Dola, and Joseph Magoha.

“My dearest brother, it never occurred to me that you would go before me. Oddy, Mike, and family, please accept my sincere condolences.

George, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for the great love you have always shown to our Family.

You took such great care of our parents and siblings. There isn’t a family in the Kogolla and extended clan that did not experience the touch of your kindness and generosity. Your death is a tragic loss to the Magoha Family and to the Nation.

I fondly remember your visits to my matrimonial home as a child; you fetching water and firewood and caring for your nephews.

I remember your great concern 30 years ago when I got so sick you connected me to the right doctors and ensured I got the correct diagnosis and treatment.

Such Love, humility, and respect. It’s no wonder God lifted you so high. I have lost a confidant, an advisor, a friend, and a loving brother. Ayuagi Nyathiwa…I will always cherish your memory in my heart with love and gratitude. Until we meet again, God rest your soul in eternal peace,” said Mary Magdalene.

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On his part, the late Magoha’s brother revealed that the deceased decided to take care of his siblings while still at Strathmore University.

“All giving, brother. Generous and responsible to a fault, that was my brother George. At 15 years,  our patriarch retired, and George, whilst still in Strathmore, managed to dress and provide for us.

He took it upon himself to see us succeed in all aspects of our lives. It was in my brother’s blood to uplift people, something I experienced literally when he allowed me to further my education in Nigeria.

We may have lost a brother, but the Angels have gained a fierce, loyal advocate of righteousness and empowerment. Farewell, my dear brother,” Joseph Magoha said.

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His other sister, Pauline, said that a part of her went away when God took Professor Magoha home.

“My heart still aches with sadness, and many tears flow to know you are no more. No longer a phone call away to consult. I still cannot fathom; your journey came to an end.

Your discipline and forthrightness sharpened most of our family. Your support made us who we are. Had you not made sacrifices to educate me and some of my siblings we wouldn’t be here.

You extended the same devotion to bettering our family to the incoming generation, your nephews, and everyone else who had need. Personally, you’ve left a mark on my life, my son’s life, and even my late husband’s life.

Your love knew no limits or bounds. As the youngest in our family, you gave me
guidance and mentorship; always ensured I had clothes on my back and a hot meal when you took me in after my secondary education.

A part of me went away that day God took you home. Words can’t articulate the pain in my heart. In life, I loved you dearly, in death, the love persists. You will always hold a special place, dear brother until we meet again,” eulogized Pauline.

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