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You were too ‘posh’ in campus, you had no time for me, Lilian Muli tells Holy Dave

TV news anchor Lilian Muli has opened the lid on gospel rapper Holy Dave’s posh lifestyle during their campus days Daystar University.

Apparently, according Lilian, back then, Holy Dave used to only hang out with polished students.

This revelation came to light after the artiste commented on an old photo Lillian shared of her former colleagues when she was starting out at KTN.

“At KTN. Back in the day when the news consumer was only interested in the news of the day and not the personal lives of their favourite News Anchor. I must have been about 24 years old here. I was so thin this is the only suit they could find that could fit me,” Lillian captioned the photo that had Patrick Maigwa, Beatrice Marshall, Swaleh Mdoe, Louis Otieno, Saddique Ndamwe, Lilian Muli, and the late Ahmed Darwesh.

To this Holy Dave commented: “This looks like you I remember at the Daystar canteen at lunchtime.”

However, Lillian had a different recollection of their campus days.

“Lol yup but you were too posh you never had time for me,” she replied.

The pair then proceeded to exchange a few pleasantries, before Holy Dave took the conversation to Facebook where he asked his former campus mates if what Lillian said was the truth, and many agreed.

“Heeeeeh mi hata singewai waongelesha lol…..weeeh Holy Dave! Vile Lilian amesema you were too posh!” Fyah Mummah Jahmby Koikai commented

“Bro, tulikuwa tunakuona ukipita na budget tu. Na ulikuwa na some other shiny studs and were too cool for school but it’s okay. Ulikuwa unapenda kubounce ukitembea pia kwanza ukiingia the dining hall siku ya kuku,” Nzeli Lelo wrote.

“Lilian Muli is right. Wewe na hiyo group Yenu mulikua muna feel hot. Kwanza mukiingia DHall Okay you guys were fire. Kuna siku you said hi to me on your way to PAC Court I had a good time in class,” Kwamboka Mokeira commented.