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‘You will also become governors,’ Waititu’s emotional appeal for justice

Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu’s emotional plea for justice has evoked mixed reactions among netizens concerning the decision by Kiambu county on December 19, to impeach the county boss.

Appearing before the Senate Plenary Committee on Tuesday the embattled governor said the Senate sitting had been orchestrated with ill motive meant to deny him justice.


“The Senate Standing Orders mention clearly that seven days are required to summon the Senate. Sincerely speaking, members were called well above the seven days,” he stated.

Waititu made an emotional appeal to the Senate Committee members to accord him justice same way they would want to be treated in the event they became governors in 2022.

“I am just requesting you, because I know some of you in 2022 will be governors like it happened last time. Some senators became governors. Even in this House I know a big number of you will also become governors. You will also come here and you will require justice to be done to you,” Waititu said.

“I was in this compound for two terms as an MP and I have now come back here in the dock. I’m sure some of you will also come here and you will require justice to be done to you. I just beseech you to do justice to me as a Senate,” he further pleaded.


The governor distanced himself from looting claims, stating that he did not have access to the county funds as there was a team of experts tasked with handling finances in his administration.

“All accusations have been said. I have experts in the county who deal with finance. Highly qualified staff. Some of those accusations as you have heard them they were handled by different people in the county who were qualified to do that work in the finance procurement. I’m not part of the procurement process. There are so many things that happen in a county that has over 8000 employees,” he said.

However, his desperate pleas seemed to have fallen on deaf ears with the lawyer representing Kiambu county assembly, Nani Mungai, in a blistering rebuttal, held that Waititu had deliberately weakened the county systems then proceeded to make a spoil of public coffers in complicit with his daughter and wives.

“The only thing that one may commend Governor Waititu for is that he does not discriminate; when it came to looting public resources and giving them to the wives, he gave each wife resources,” Mungai said.