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You’ll never have my man, Risper Faith tells women in her hubby’s DMs

Kenyan socialite Risper Faith has given women who are after her man a reason to cry themselves to sleep after she openly disclosed that she has access to her husband’s Instagram account and sees all that they send him in his DMs.

The former Nairobi Diaries actress said she and her husband always check out what women in his DMs send him, including nudes. Risper also said she has the password to her hubby’s Instagram account.

“I have my hubby’s Instagram password and whenever you send him your messages of love and nudes, we check together and laugh at you,” she said.

Last month, the socialite-turned-businesswoman shared an update about her surgical procedure revealing that she no longer has a flat tummy despite undergoing liposuction.

Responding to a fan’s question on her surgery progress via social media, the mother of one said she ate and gained back fat that had initially been removed from her tummy.

“Nilikula nikanona,” she said.

This came barely weeks after the Risper Faith Creations founder shared her desire to undergo a mini gastric bypass, a reversible laparoscopic gastric bypass weight loss surgery.

The former actress, however, confirmed that it is no longer just a desire but a reality as she will undergo the procedure very soon, adding that it would make her happy.

Following the liposuction surgical procedure, Risper lost 8 litres of fat, and she had vowed to stick to a strict healthy diet to maintain the wasp-like waist.

“8 litres of fat was removed from my stomach and lower back through a surgery called liposuction by @bodybydesignkenya, at this point my life has completely changed, no more eating unhealthy,” she said.

Still on weight gain after her son’s birth, Risper explained that she had tried everything in her power to get in shape but was not successful hence her decision to go for surgery.

“My ideal weight is 80kgs, and I am at 115kgs and it has taken me about six years to gain all this weight. I have tried gym, but working out and staying healthy is not that easy but am not seeing any progress. You know Lady Risper is a brand, there are so many clothing lines which want to work with me, and you know if you look good you make good money. So I am just looking for a permanent solution… liposuction surgery is a very safe procedure. I’m not happy right now, I want to be happy and liposuction will make me happy,” she said at the time.