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You’ll now get arrested in Tanzania for ogling and catcalling women

Tanzanian authorities have outlawed the common behaviour of some men of making suggestive sounds at passing women on the streets.

Commissioner Hassan Nassir Ali warned that any man found guilty of such randy behaviour risks being arrested by the police.

“Mwanamke akipita pengine maumbile yake yamejaza, anakohoa mmh mmh, hilo ni shambulio la aibu, tutakukamata tukupeleke mahakamani, wengine wanafikiri ni mchezo. Ina maana mama, dada na watoto wetu wenye maumbile makumbwa wasitembee mitaani, maana wakitembea tu watu wanaanza kukohoa mmh mmh. wewe kama unakikohozi, nenda kakohoe kwako ndani huwezi kuwa mwanamke amepita hapo unakohoa, hilo ni shambulio la aibu,” said Commissioner Nassir.

Tanzanian government is seeking to restore morals in new rules contained in the Electronic and Postal Communications Act and the Media Services Act.

In the proposed regulations, online content providers shall not publish material described either as indecent, obscene, hate speech, extreme violence or material that will offend others or incite them.

Indecent content in the Act is defined as “information which is offensive, morally improper and against current standards of accepted behavior, including nudity and sex.”

Bongo maestro Diamond Platnumz has fallen victim twice, first after some of his songs were declared obscene and subsequently banned and then his recent arrest for posting a threesome video on Instagram stories that he later apologized for.