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You’re on your own, Oguna tells those boarding matatus violating Covid-19 protocols

By Hilary Kimuyu November 11th, 2020 2 min read

Government Spokesperson Col (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna on Wednesday warned Kenyans, asking them to avoid boarding Public Service Vehicles (PSV) that violate set Covid-19 safety protocols.

Oguna urged Kenyans to avoid matatus that don’t observe social distancing, adding that if one contracts the virus they are on their own and the government cannot protect them.

In a series of tweets, Oguna said that keeping Covid-19 at bay is now a personal responsibility and the initiative should be “in-born”.

He added that efforts to stop the spread of the novel Coronavirus disease have to come from individuals.

“Usikae kwa matatu kama hakuna physical distancing. If you contract Covid-19, you are on your own. Hatuwezi kukuprotect, the initiative has to come from you,” Oguna warned.

He emphasised that Kenyans should avoid overcrowded matatus, in order to protect their loved ones.

“Ugonjwa wa Corona ni ugonjwa wenye upweke. Ukiambukizwa kwenye matatu isiyo zingatia kanuni za ugonjwa huo, utakua peke yako hospitalini bila dereva na conductor wa matatu. Epukana na matatu iliyojaa. Jikinge wewe na unaowapenda,” he added.

Oguna, who in July confirmed he had tested positive of Coronavirus, described what he went through during his time in quarantine saying that the virus is a ‘lonely disease’ adding that those infected will be admitted in hospital and will be away from their loved ones.

Reflecting on his battle with the virus, Oguna revealed that he was in hospital for 29 days and it was not an easy journey.

“I was in hospital for 29 days suffering from Covid-19 which is a lonely disease. Anyone who has tested positive needs love and not stigma as you can recover and move on with your life.”

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The health ministry, in a statement released on Wednesday, said the pandemic is continuing to pose a serious challenge in the country after 26 people succumbed to the disease in the past 24 hours bringing the total fatalities to 1,180.

This is the highest daily death toll in a day, and it comes just hours after the country posted another double-digit fatality on Tuesday when 24 people died.

In the last 24 hours the health ministry said that 1,344 people had tested positive for the disease in the last 24 hours from a sample size of 7,162 with the national tally now standing at 64,588.

1,299 are Kenyans and 45 are foreigners, with more men than women continue to test positive for the virus seeing as 815 male cases were reported against 529 women.

In terms of age, the youngest was a one-month-old baby, while the oldest is 96.

Nairobi led with 322 cases as Mombasa followed with 133. Some 436 patients recovered from the disease with 297 from the home-based care programme while 139 have been discharged from various hospitals.

The total recoveries now stand at 43,095.